Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dominicks - Complaint

I was shopping at the Dominicks in Frankfort, IL around Christmas time. I tried to use a gift card that I had received from my father's work. I never shop at Dominicks but, in this case, I wanted to use the gift card (valued for $50.00) so I decided to shop here. Little did I know that I would never want to shop there again. When I was checking out, they told me the system was too busy and they couldn't use the card. They told me to use it when it wasn't so busy.
I went back two weeks later and this time they told me, "I had already used the card and it had no value." They were trying to tell me that I had used the card two weeks prior. This time I protested to the manager and he finally let me use the card but, treated me like a criminal. I decided to give them one more try (I am a nice guy!) and went back a week later. When I was checking out, there was a very unhappy person who was bagging my groceries. He was upset (not at me but with his job) but, he decided to display his unhappiness on me and spit on my groceries! I have never gone back since!

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